Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Last Pup to Go...

(copied from the blog: Gus and Violet's Pups)

Update: Permanent Name is RANSOM

(first three photos of Black were taken at age 3 weeks. The remainder of the photos were taken on 7-15-08.)

This big, extra fluffy pup is distinctive from the others because she has almost no brown what-so-ever on her face. She has very expressive eyes and beutiful smoky gray markings on her legs and chest. This pup is the epitomy of CALM. Nothing phases this pup! She reacts to new situations and stimuli with utter nonchalance. Don't confuse CALM with docile, though! This sweet snuggler was the first of the puppies to find her growl and the first to playfully nip the breeder (on the nose, no less)! This fearless pup is calm and laid back and a couch potato most of the time, but more than capable of standing her ground!

Absolutely UNFLAPPABLE still describes this big pup, but couch potato does not! She is EXTREMELY ACTIVE these of the highest energy pups of the bunch if not the highest. She is not just the alpha female, she is the the alpha, period. She isn't as snuggly as some of the others, but is selectively affectionate. She is quite bonded to the man of the house (and has become his favorite of all the pups). She is fearless, very intelligent, and a very dominant dog--so she needs to go to a home that will not be intimidated by her as she grows into her own. She will do best with an owner experienced in successfully handling strong-willed dogs...someone who will handle her confidently with calm energy (as Cesar Millan would say!) and will channel her assertive nature through early extensive socialization with numerous people and other dogs and will invest the time in her to take her through obedience classes at an early age. She already has an excellent start on socialization and that will need to be continued by her new family during the formative months of her puppyhood. If socialized well and trained, she will be an absolutely excellent family dog and an outstanding watchdog. She will be the self-appointed family guardian, without a doubt. She will be a bit harder to place, she would not be a good match for just any loving, family. All the puppies will need time invested in them and will need lots of love and attention, but it will be important for this pup than the others, that she be placed in a home where there is a clearly consistent sense of the owner being in the alpha position. She may not be the easiest in the litter to raise, but she will be rock steady and exceptionally impressive if properly socialized and trained.

Being a favorite of this blog author/photographer, she was taken on a short outing with the male pup Ransom recently. While Ransom (aka Whine Bucket) vocally objected to being in the tote carrier, Black just laid right down and slept peacefully during the hour drive. She is a great car rider and though she is energetic, she has a very calm, even disposition. She is very adaptable and takes change and new experiences with a calm, easy going, relaxed grace. And she is just plain adorable! Even at this young age, when she hears a strange dog barking in the distance, she instantly stands up tall, takes a few confident steps closer to the direction of the offending barks and gives a few (hilariously puppified) barks back as if to say, "You just come on over here, buddy, and I'll show you who's boss!"

Black is a very busy dog these days...she is often seen undertaking the task of rearranging the other pups, dragging them by their tails until she gets them where she thinks they belong! It is hilarious to see the other puppies sitting down mule-style with all four feet DUG into the ground fruitlessly trying to stay where they already are, as Black drags them to a new location! I guess she thinks she is the oldest sister!

(Black--on left--and Ransom sharing secrets!)


Gus' Girl, Black is

She was renamed RANSOM (So there are two Ransoms...male and female...we were already quite used to calling the little boy "Ransom" and he already came to that name, but when I switched from reserving the original (male) "Ransom" to (female) "Black", my husband didn't want to give up the, Black has learned to go by "Ransom", too.)


Further Explanation of Why We Decided to Take "Black":

There has been a CHANGE in WHICH puppies are AVAILABLE. I, the author of this blog and friend of the breeder, had originally reserved Ransom (male). From the beginning I had really struggled with choosing between Ransom (the male pup) and Black (the female pup). Ransom (the male pup) is just more personable and responsive than Black (the female pup) and he bonded more quickly to me and more readily offered his loyalty. He is very confident and assertive, yet quick to obey...unusually quick and, he was my solid first choice for the first five weeks of the pups' lives...even though a part of me was deeply drawn to Black's fearlessness and wolf-like independence.

However, as it became more apparent that Black's dominance/aggressiveness was going to present unique challenges to her placement, I once more revisited my original decision. Having had an overwhelmingly positive experience rehabilitating an adult dog (a rottweiler) that had lost his original home due to serious dominance/aggression issues, my heart kept getting drawn back to "Black". She reminded me so much of my rottweiler from long ago. He was a truly awesome intelligent and HARD WORKING and utterly FEARLESS. He wound up winning repeatedly in competition in the obedience ring. Once the dominance/aggression issues were resolved, he was one of the best dogs I have ever had the chance to work with. Black will never need to be rehabilitated or re-homed if she is handled and SOCIALIZED properly to begin with. I've decided to reserve her instead of Ransom. Honestly, Ransom will be the easier dog to train and has the potential to be absolutely awesome in the show ring...he is bright, and he is a very loyal, RESPONSIVE dog. Once he bonds with you, he is snuggly...but it is not a snuggliness borne out of any sense of neediness and it is not a snuggliness that he bestows on just anybody and everybody. He is brimming with confidence. There isn't a timid bone in his body, but neither is he an aggressive dog. He has an EXCELLENT temperament. He is very BALANCED. Black has an excellent temperament too, but her natural temperament presents some unique challenges that Ransom (the male pup) is not encumbered with. I will be re-naming "Black", Ransom.

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