Friday, March 2, 2007

Violet is back for another visit!

We get to keep Violet for the next two and a half weeks while our friend, Lisa, is in Mexico. Violet is 6 months old now. The vet says she is going to be a BIG German Shepherd. She certainly loves hanging out in the country with her "cousins" (our dogs, Rivendell, Shanachie, and Gloria)! Rivendell crossed paths with a skunk a couple of weeks ago and is just now beginning to air out...hopefully Violet will not meet up with the skunk while she is here!

Lisa has told Darcy that she will pay her $20 if Darcy can train Violet to COME on command by the time Lisa gets back from visiting Iran in Mexico. Darcy thinks that will be an easy twenty bucks to earn! (Lisa warned her, though, that Violet has to obey LISA on the command, too...not just Darcy!) Lisa took her pup to the vets just before bringing her over here and I guess her pup rumbled at the vet! She is definitely growing into her German Shepherdness. Glad she knows we are FRIENDS and not foes! (We've been promised one of her pups when Lisa breeds her (much to Grant's dismay)...Darcy and I will have to do a lot of fast talking to get any other puppies squeezed into this family!)

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