Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall has definitely come to my neck of the woods!   The crazy border collie and goofie newfie and I have been thoroughly enjoying these Autumn days!

I'm glad to report that the annoying Spokeswoman managed to follow me through my final show without hindering my performance with her own errors, so it went quite well.  I tied for First Place in Rally Novice and   received Fourth Place in Obedience Novice.  With my third show, I earned my first Rally Title (RN) and my first Obedience Title (CD).  I heard a rumor recently that my brother and sister are planning on trying their own hand at showing.   I guess I will be quite tied up teaching them the ropes this winter.  Oh, I don't think I sister, Gabby, is returning from Alaska after an absence of nearly two years!  She will be going to live with my brother, Vader!  I think my visit to her last January left her missing Vader and I so much that she finally convinced her Spokeswoman in letting her come back home here to the Lower 48!  She is due to be coming back the first week of December.  I can't wait for all three of us to get together again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sorrow and Misery

I don't know whether to GROWL fiercely or HOWL piteously...

Today I made a PERFECT score in Rally...but did I GET a perfect score? No! Because my idiot Spokeswoman made a 270 degree left turn when she SHOULD have made a 270 degree RIGHT turn. I heeled obediently all the way through with her but burned holes into her with my eyes trying desperately to CLUE HER IN to her mistake. Only because of MY extreme efforts, did she realize her blunder just in the nick of time to ask the judge for our one allowed "redo". We redid the exercise, perfectly the second time--since my directionally impaired Spokeswoman figured out her right from her left the second time around--but, of course, we still suffered the mandatory 3 point penalty for a "redo", what would have been a perfect 100 score plummeted down to 97...and my first place ribbon dropped to a fourth place ribbon--all because of the SPOKESWOMAN.

The Spokeswoman gathered up all the ribbons I've accumulated over the last two days and seemed quite pleased with herself. She just does NOT get it!

And here I lie...

I feel a howl working it's way up that would make a Siberian proud.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Earned My First Leg Towards Obedience CD Title
and My First Leg Towards Rally RN Title!

Here I am in the back of the car just after finishing my first grueling day of showing!  I am headed back for another show tomorrow morning!  Sure wish I could find a decent handler to pair up with me before then!  Oh well.  I'll keep dragging the dead weight of the Spokeswoman if I have to!  

Well, today I competed in a dog show for the first time ever! I, of course did exceptionally well, I only wish the same could be said of my handler! The bossy Spokeswoman insisted SHE get to be the one to "handle" me in the ring...BIG mistake! She didn't have a CLUE what SHE was suppose to do. It is so DIFFICULT getting a decent score when one is handicapped with an incompetent handler...but, I managed to pull her through!

I entered Obedience Novice B and Rally Novice B. Even though I have never set foot in a ring, myself, I had to compete with experienced dogs because (incredible as it seems!) my Spokeswoman actually handled a dog that earned an Obedience title (23 years ago). The only thing I can figure is that dog must have been smart enough to make up for her ineptness. At any rate, because SHE had "put" a title on a dog (albeit 23 years ago), I had to enter "B" level instead of "A" level. Which, really, is quite unfair, if you ask ME! None-the-less, I arose to the occasion and made qualifying scores in BOTH events. I took fifth in Obedience and fourth in Rally. I'm sure I could have handily captured FIRST in both had I had a decent handler! Oh well...guess I am stuck with the Spokeswoman I have!

(I suppose my ever-jealous-sister will have some sarcastic remark to make! I would just like to point out in advance that SHE does not possess the SKILLS necessary to excel in either the Obedience Ring nor the Rally Ring. SHE still can't even COME when her Spokesperson calls her! I suppose, though, that she really can't help it that she is such a slow learner. She just got shortchanged when the genes were distributed in our litter!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Fun Day Out With My Brother... brother loves me!

My brother, Vader

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wonderful Holiday!


Well, I had an EXCELLENT Labor Day Holiday!  Dexter visited on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  It's been so long since we've gotten to hang out that we had a lot of catching up to do!

Oh, and my dramatic sister, Gabby, is at it again!  She's been running around telling everyone that will listen that SHE is the great great granddaughter of the two time World Champion, Ulk von Arlett, like she just discovered that fact yesterday or something.  I, personally, think it is pretty pathetic to have to drag out your pedigree to try and impress others.  Vader and I have both been quite embarrassed by her all her bragging and preening.  I suspect she is simply trying to deflect everyone's attention away from that humiliating escapade of hers, running off chasing a herd of reindeer for three days and never CATCHING a single one of them!  My goodness...if I were to chase a herd of reindeer, I would certainly be able to at least CATCH one of them!  But, she came trotting back to Nome empty handed.  Figures!!!  Guess the fact that HALF OF NOME was out scouring the wilderness for her, worried sick over her, has to be pretty embarrassing to well it should be!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whoa! Life is LOOKIN' UP! I just found out that DEXTER is coming over tomorrow to STAY for several days!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

monday, monday...ugh!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

News Flash!

My idiot sister has been found! She was AWOL for three days, having last been seen herding a group of about 80 reindeer into the wilderness 38 miles away from Nome, Alaska. There's been an all points bulletin out her ever since...with half the population of Nome treking out to the gravel road towards Teller, looking for that mutt sister of mine. She always DID cause more drama than anyone else would ever have the nerve to stir up!

Gabby is always has been a bit slow witted....when that prey drive of hers kicks in, she is stone deaf and doesn't have the sense of an acorn! Near as we can tell, she chased the reindeer herd for 50 or 60 miles before figuring out that maybe she ought to stop and take stock of the situation a bit more closely! By then, she was about a 100 miles from home!

She was found by a Nome resident who was out running her sled dog team. Gabby was trotting down the highway, headed straight for Nome...just 34 miles outside of Nome.

She is skinnier and was terribly thirsty and whines whenever her Spokesperson touches her swollen, hot foot pads...but, other than that, she is her same old obnoxious self! Of course she is MILKING it for all it is worth now...lying on the floor, wrapped around her Spokeswoman's feet...whining in "agony" whenever anyone makes the mistake of looking at her half-way sympathetically. Personally, I think they should have left her on the highway and made her trot the last 34 miles home!

She is just so inconsiderate! Leaving me to WORRY myself silly over her these last three days! She always has been so aggravating.

Mind you, she has gone AWOL three (THREE!) times this summer alone! And I've lost count on the number of times she has had brushes with the law up there. It's a wonder she hasn't been kicked out of Nome! Believe me, when I went up there to visit her last winter, I heard plenty of stories from the other dogs about her shananigans! But, then, she was always in trouble when she lived in the lower 48,, it didn't much surprise me to hear that she has continued her delinquent ways up there, too.

When I first heard she had been found (at 11:14 tonight), I was grateful to all those sled dogs for rescuing her...but, the more I think about it, the more I am rethinking that whole sentiment!!!

My Sister...

I have some very sad news.  My litter-mate, Gabby, has been lost for three days now.  She was last seen herding about 80 reindeer 38 miles from Nome, Alaska.  Practically everyone in Nome has been trying to help find her, but there is a lot of wilderness out there and since it was nothing for her to run 50 or 60 miles in a day, there's no telling how far she went before deciding to cease herding those reindeer...and, unfortunately, she was already 38 miles out into the wilderness when she took up the chase.

We are just praying she finds her way back to Nome.  The weather is nice this time of year and there is plenty of wild-life around for her to subsist on while traveling back home...

Me and Littlest Ninja

Monday, February 22, 2010

More Memories of Nome

I sure am missing Gabs. Life just isn't as spicy when she isn't around to spar with...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gabby in her Home Town

My sister, Gabby, talking with her Spokeswoman on the streets of Nome, Alaska!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Nome Sled Dogs

I'm back from Alaska and SO MANY stories to tell! I met some REAL sled dogs and found out they are really sweet...not at all like Gabs described them. I met an Eskimo named Dempsey who has been a musher all his life. He has over 40 dogs. He took my Spokeswoman for a very long run with his 16 fastest dogs (pictured here)! They sure do LOVE running! These 16 will run the Iditorod in 2011! Not many mushers are able to run 16 dogs at once like Dempsey does. His dogs are very well trained and work beautifully together. He spends many hours each day outside letting them run loose while he does his chores. He said that most mushers can't allow their dogs to all run loose like he does, but, none of his dogs are fighters...they stay close to the area he is working in and never stir up trouble! Part of the day they are chained next to their individual dog boxes, but, when it gets really cold, they have a dog barn that they all take shelter in together. My Spokeswoman had always felt sorry for the sled dogs she would see on such short chains, but, after spending time with Dempsey, she saw that his dogs are living full, happy lives. They LOVE to run and get so excited when they see Dempsey getting their harnesses out! He runs them five days a week. That is their favorite part of the day!

(In case you were wondering, it was 20 degrees BELOW zero F the day this picture was taken and MOST of the days we were in Nome. The coldest place we went, though, was was THIRTY-EIGHT DEGREES BELOW ZERO there! My paws got cold there!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Delightfully Brisk Weather!

The birds are looking a bit frosty this morning... Usually I prefer to eat them, but, they looked so cold this morning that I scattered my food for them, instead.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am loving this weather!...lots of blowing snow!!! Today, the Spokeswoman took me on an hour walk. It was great! We spent most of it walking through the drifts by the side of the road. Since it was so snowy and blustery, the Spokeswoman didn't stand on formalities insisting that I HEEL the whole way like she usually does...instead I got to dance and play in the snow! I LOVE sticking my nose to the ground and tunneling my whole body through the snow! I can't wait to get to ALASKA!!! This is going to GREAT!!! Just a bit over a week before I leave!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting ready for Nome...

More snow! I love it!!! I can't wait to get on that plane to Alaska! I'll be seeing my sister, Gabby, up in Nome in just about two weeks now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Have My House Back!!!!
I Have My Kennel Back!!!
I Have My Ninjas Back!!!

Yeah!!!!   The little cat-dog moved out!!! She had been up running around for several days, so the Spokespeople decided she was recovered sufficiently to venture out to a new home.  The Spokeswoman took her up to the local college and within 15 minutes there was a crowd of young people all dying to adopt her!  One young couple even considered MOVING just so they could have her!  She wound up going home with a young woman who had a six month old dog JUST LIKE HER (but black instead of brindle)...that pup is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) which is what everyone finally decided our little cat-dog must have been.  Anyway, last I heard, the little cat-dog was thrilled with her new home.  She's been trying really hard to keep up with her new little buddy, Titan.  She doesn't have a name yet...her new family is waiting to get to know her personality better before they name her.  (At our house, she had a total of about 30 different names...the middle Ninja renamed her at least three times a day!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Definitely in Cahoots with the Evil SQUIRRELS...

Jackal, nailed it!!! The little rat is working with the squirrels for sure!!!

I'm beginning to wonder if she is even a DOG! She is the size of a cat...and, this is the really weird part, she ACTS like a cat! She has never once barked. Been with us an entire week and hasn't been able to squeeze out one solitary squeak of a bark. Then, this morning, I saw her LICKING her entire body, cleaning herself. She even licked her paws and then rubbed them over her face!

My personal theory is that she is actually a very ugly cat trying to pass herself off as an injured dog in order to gain access to the interior of my Spokespeople's home. And, as perceptive Jackal guessed, her contact is the squirrel in our backyard who does have the eerie habit of approaching the patio door with shocking frequency. It is no coincidence that the little cat-dog connived the Spokeswoman into placing her pallet right there by the patio door, giving her a clear view of the entire backyard and the kitchen at the same time. Awww...such a crafty villain!!!

I got my hopes up yesterday. The Spokeswoman's job was taking her into the heart of an Amish community and she loaded the little trickster up in the car with her. She had all the little Ninjas say their farewells to the cat-dog because she said she was pretty sure she knew a family that would be delighted to have the evil little thing. (Well, she didn't say "evil little thing" exactly...she is a bit naiive and does not realize what a deceptive creature she has been beguiled by.) I was so RELIEVED and elated all day long...but, then, late last night, the Spokeswoman returned with the little rat tucked securely under her arm and moved the little princess rat from her car inverted top kennel half back to my larger inverted kennel top front of the patio door once more. The little rat dog was very pleased with herself...wagging that little corkscrew tail of hers ninety to nothing. No telling what despiteful antics she pulled to keep the sweet Amish young ladies from taking her. Rotten little rat. SHE doesn't WANT to find a new home. SHE thinks she has already FOUND a home and she doesn't plan to budge. Thankfully, the SPOKESGUY has not fallen the least bit under her spell. He wants her out of the house ASAP. Smart man!!! He says we have three dogs already and that is two too many...very WISE man!!! He doesn't particularly like me, either...but, at least he REALLY does not like the little rat dog! And though he isn't fond of me, I am sure I would be his logical pick as an ONLY dog. Oh, how I would dearly love to be an ONLY dog and never more have to supervise the Psycho Border Collie and that Goofy Newfie. have the Ninjas ALL to myself!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a Hideous Thanksgiving

Yes, you heard me right! HIDEOUS!!! All because of Mugsy. Mugsy, Pugsy, Shmugsy. I wish I had never rescued that little rat dog! I think I need to set down some SERIOUS boundaries! First of all, I am a Search and Rescue dog...not a Search and Rescue AND REHAB dog!!! If I am going to be saving folks, they have to do their part by DISAPPEARING after I have saved them. This is utterly RIDICULOUS.... SIX days ago I saved the little wretch and she STILL hasn't left.

Monday she took over MY kennel! Well, to be more exact, the TOP half of MY kennel (turned upside down). It is ridiculous...I have been reduced to sleeping in a DOG HOUSE, because the little PRINCESS is lounging about in MY kennel. Every morning, the Spokeswoman slides the open end of the kennel top against the patio door so that PRINCESS Mugsy can glare at me through the glass. I'm not one to hold a grudge, mind you, so I always bop up to the patio door to smile at her, just to be met by an ungrateful GROWL! The NERVE of that little rat!!! Not only does she take over my BED and get me delegated to the back yard with that Psychotic Border Collie and Goofy Newfie, but she won't even return a civil greeting when I try conversing with the conniving little rat.

I think she FAKED her X-rays! I don't think she REALLY has two broken hips. I think it is all an act to take over my family! The Ninjas dote on her. The Spokeswoman babies her. And everyone has totally FORGOTTEN about ME! The Spokeswoman hasn't even been taking me for tracking training. It is horrible. We are going to have to start from square one! I'm liable to LOSE all my skills with this pattern of never after day after day. Next thing you know, the Spokeswoman will be laying tracks for that ratty little dog to follow...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Even Out of SAR School,
And I've Already Accomplished My First Rescue!

Well, Saturday morning I completed my first rescue! wasn't an assigned mission.  I just happened along at the right time.  And it wasn't a person that I found, but a dog in distress!  The Spokeswoman and I were out walking about 7am Saturday morning when I spotted a small, black head peeking out over the grass in the middle of a big field.  There was an eight foot high fence around the field, but the bottom of the fence didn't come all the way to the ground.  There is about a  six inch gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground near that point in the field.  The field is next to a very busy road.  The Spokeswoman thought it odd that the little dog was just lying out there in the middle of the field...not making any move to come over to us, nor any move to run from us.  Of course I sensed trouble immediately!  I talked the Spokeswoman into going to the far corner of the fence, climbing through some heavy brush and finding us a way over the fence so we could go check on the little dog.  Good thing we did, because the poor little dog had been hit by a car and had drug herself clear out to the middle of that field, even though both her back hips were shattered and part of her poor little tail was denuded.  We took her to the vet and then on home with us to recouperate.  The Spokeswoman put signs up all over town with her picture and she and the Oldest Ninja canvassed all the surrounding neighborhoods, going door to door with her photo looking for someone who recognized her.  We even had it announced about her with morning announcements at all four of our town's schools.  Seems no one ever saw her except for a fellow that saw her running around the golf course (near the field where we found her) the day before.  So, we are pretty sure that it was between Friday evening and Saturday morning that she was hit by the car.  And, it is really looking like she was dumped by someone on Friday and got hit by the car and left for dead sometime between then and Saturday morning.  The Animal Control officer told us that since none of the surrounding towns have pounds, but ours does, people often bring dogs from out of town to dump within the city limits figuring that that way they will wind up at the pound (a dog from outside the city limits won't be accepted by the pound, if someone from out of town tries to bring it to the pound).

We are working on finding her a new the meantime, she is mending at our house!  She likes it a lot at our house!  She's growing on us awfully fast, too!  We think she is a puggle (pug/beagle mix).  She is such a sweetie...extremely gentle and not a bit timid...and VERY quiet...and LOVES kids even more than I do, if you can believe that!  She is a spunky, spirited, happy little dog!  The vet says she is about two years old...and he thinks that after 4-6 weeks of bedrest, she will be up and walking just fine again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Been Awfully Busy

I haven't had much time for posting lately...way too busy studying tracking and other skills needed by a Search and Rescue dog. I spend several hours every day tracking now--in the light, in the dark, in sunny weather, in pouring rain (and soon, in Artic snow, as well, up in Nome, Alaska)!

I LOVE tracking! It is the one activity I get to LEAD the Spokeswoman in. I am totally the boss when it comes to tracking. There have been a few times lately when my Spokeswoman is dead certain the trail is one way when I KNEW it was actually another direction. She tried standing her ground and I just about yanked her right off her feet dragging her the CORRECT way! I was totally delighted when she finally realized she was wrong and I was right! I love it when the Spokeswoman has to eat crow!

I have always been a natural born air-scenter...but, these past couple of months I have discovered I am also an excellent ground tracker (read that and weep, Gabby, oh snooty sister of mine!). (Gabby was always rubbing in my face her exceptional tracking abilities...well, I have caught up to her and, combining my newly honed tracking skills with my natural born air scenting ability, I have PASSED her up! Eat my dust, Gabby!)

The Spokeswoman works with me every day, but I regularly receive professional training from a cop-dog trainer named Richard. I like Richard a lot. He has great ideas. Right off the bat, he insisted that I had to be a house-dog. He dictated and the Spokeswoman complied, instantly. I go weeks at a time now without ever stepping foot into the backyard. I never thought I would say this, but I have found myself actually missing the Psycho Border Collie and the Goofy Newfie...once,anyway... for about 6 seconds! It is pretty neat hanging out with the Ninjas all the time...going nearly everywhere the Spokeswoman goes. Part of my training is learning to LOVE strangers and seek them out, so, we go out and meet and greet as many people as possible. Our Walmart even lets me go shopping with the Spokeswoman, since I am training for SAR. I have been told that most likely, most of the cases I will be called upon to assist with, will be in locating elderly people who have become disoriented and wandered off, so I am going to be spending a lot of time visiting in a nearby nursing home to become extremely familiar with the scents and mannerisms of older folks. I am very accustomed to little people, but not so much with older people...but, that is changing!

Each evening, the Spokeswoman calls me up into her lap while she veg's in front of the TV. I shouldn't admit, this, but, I guess I do enjoy curling up in her lap...but the BEST is when I get to curl up in the Oldest Ninja's lap (on those rare times when the Spokeswoman will SHARE me). Last night, the Oldest Ninja fell asleep with me snuggled up in her lap....totally sweet!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Much for Search and Rescue

There are a few things my Spokeswoman and I completely agree on...well, ONE, anyway.  Yappy little dogs with no manners annoy both of us.

I have begun formal classes in Search and Rescue now.  They are led by two people who train a great number of the police K9 patrol dogs and HRD dogs in this area of the country.  It is an hour's travel to get to the training facility.  I commute to these very demanding classes in the new car, chauffered by the Spokeswoman.  Recently, as we were returning home from one of my classes, I noticed the two little dogs who live across the street and three houses down from me running around in my next door neighbor's yard...marking the territory as theirs!  I never go into the neighbor's yard.  I know how rude that is.  So, I was of course standing at attention in the back seat, ears erect, thinking very disapproving thoughts SILENTLY to myself...when, one of those little wretches looked up from his misbehaving and saw me in the car as the Spokeswoman pulled into our driveway. The little jerk had the AUDACITY to run BARKING at MY car in MY own driveway!

Now, mind you, these two little onion-heads have caused trouble repeatedly in our neighborhood.  They are constantly running amuck and aren't under their handlers' control even when they are on LEASHES!  A few weeks ago, the Spokeswoman was walking all three of us (Goofy Newfie, Psycho Border Collie, and myself) along with the two youngest Ninjas when we met these two noisy little onion-heads and their two handlers coming from the opposite direction.  We ALWAYS walk against traffic and YIELD to the traffic.  We walk in the street (all six of us) next to the gutter in compact formation--two Ninjas in lead followed by us three dogs and the Spokeswoman.  The moment we see an approaching car we ALL promptly step up into the grass where the side walk would be had one ever been built and continue walking there until the car has passed.  We do not use it as an occasion to wander through the MIDDLE of other people's yards and we certainly NEVER relieve ourselves in other people's grass.  Well, not long ago, we had the misfortune of meeting the two little onion-heads while we were out on a walk.  They weren't on the proper side of the street and they were way out INTO the street.  Mind you, it is a pretty busy street.  Anyway, there were cars approaching from both directions and in much practiced fashion, the two Ninjas veered off the pavement and into the grass without a word from the Spokeswoman...and the three of us, also veered into the grass, walking in tandem with the Spokeswoman.  Meanwhile, the two little onion-heads and their handlers remain in the middle of the street, totally oblivious.  The two onion heads are busy zig zagging about at the far end of their flexi leash and not even the handlers themselves had sense enough to step towards the side of the road.  There the four of them were, in the middle of the road, holding up traffic from BOTH directions for several minutes as they tried to untangle their dogs' leashes and corral them.  The whole scene just set my teeth on edge.  Even if the handlers are clueless, the DOGS should have a bit of sense!  But these two little onion heads don't.  And, it didn't appear to bother them or their handlers that they were causing a major inconvenience to passing motorists...the fact  that they didn't even have sense enough to be embarrassed made it all the more annoying!

Fast forward to a few days ago as the Spokeswoman and I returned home from my class.  There were the two little onion heads across the street and three houses down from their own house, marking territory in my next door neighbor's yard.  Then, spotting me in the vehicle, one of the little onion heads (the beagle looking one) ran at the car BARKING his little head off at me.  The miniture pincher followed, but was not barking a challenge at me.  There we were in our OWN driveway, being accosted by the little onion-head.  I wanted to bark back, but I knew the Spokeswoman would correct me if I did, so I stood there, looking out the closed window, shaking with pent up aggravation, but enduring the insult quietly and outwardly calmly.  To my utter SHOCK, rather than getting out and shooing the little onion head away, the Spokeswoman acted for all the world like she hadn't even noticed the commotion taking place right outside our car door.  In fact, she matter of factly opened her door, stepped out, and promptly opened MY door!  Well, that's all the permission giving I needed!  I torpedoed out of our car and dove down on that little onion-head.  It was quite a site.  The little monster has such short little legs that he can't run worth a hoot...even under fear of imminent death with his adrenalin racing!  He DID run for all he was worth, though.  And I was right on top of him (literally) every step of the way.  He was running as fast as he could to get away from me, but my front legs were on either side of him every step of the way and I was tucking my head down between my front legs to glower at him with each panicked running, frantic step.  He was yelping like scalding water was being poured on him...little wimp!  I didn't even open my mouth!  I just chased the little onion head all the way back down the street and into his own back yard!  His frantically churning little legs were so much shorter than mine, that I kept going right over the top of him (to his pure terror and the Spokeswoman's carefully veiled amusement).  Anyway, I herded him right back to where he belonged and then  turned on a dime and trotted back to my own yard.  The miniture pincher had followed us...keeping a safe distance from me and keeping his own mouth shut, least I take notice of him, too!  Anyway, it took me all of three seconds to return both the little onion heads to their OWN yard...a feat that would have required at least half an hour had their handlers undertaken it!  I noticed that the Spokeswoman didn't get around to calling me back until my feet hit their yard...and, by then I was running so fast that I was in their backyard before I could skid to a stop and happily come to her call.

Obviously, their handlers were no where in ear shot.  I would have thought the beagle's horrific yelping (all the way from our driveway to their backyard down the block) would have brought them racing out to rescue him, but, there was no sign of life from within their house.  In fact, it was a full half hour before anyone got around to letting the two little onion heads back inside where they belong.  But, I am happy to say, the two little onion heads spent that half hour POLITELY sitting on their OWN front porch.  The beagle onion head did look over my direction and bark a couple of times, but he didn't set foot off his front porch to do it!  I spent the next hour or so hanging out in my front yard watching to make sure those little onion heads stayed in their own yard.  I think I managed to teach them in less than a minute what their handlers haven't been able to teach them in over a year!

In spite of the DRAMATIC SCREAMING of the beagle onion-head...making it sound like he was being ripped from limb to limb when I never so much as laid a tooth on him...just herded him back to his own spite of all the noise, I thought no one had witnessed what had transpired.  Wrong.  Today, the neighbor who lives next door to the two onion heads was laughing about a certain German Shepherd fixing a neighborhood problem.  He said that the beagle onion head had come into his yard the last time he was mowing and had NIPPED him for mowing his own yard.  He was rather delighted when he saw a certain German Shepherd putting the little onion head it its place for coming onto other people's property and acting out aggressively.

Neither of the little onion heads have been spotted out of their OWN yard since I took matters into hand!  I overheard the Spokesowman admitting to the Spokesguy that she probably should not have opened my car door like that...since I am suppose to be learning to be ALWAYS be gentle (you know, search and RESCUE...not search and DESTROY!), even with onion-heands...but, she just had a weak moment.  Hey!...I'm all for weak moments now and again!  I wish she would have them more often!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life is grand! I was on duty away from home the entire day yesterday with the Spokespeople and the three Ninjas. There were LONG car rides (traveling in a caravan with two other vehicles) and a day of lounging on a lawn blanket listening to the Spokesguy's new band (bluegrass, of course)! My favorite part is that whenever the Oldest Ninja wants to get out on her own to explore and mingle in the crowd, the Spokeswoman always insists she takes me with her. The Spokeswoman is not nearly as trusting as the Oldest Ninja and she says she isn't comfortable with the Oldest Ninja being out of sight unless I am there with her! I love being on guard duty with the Oldest Ninja! She does a LOT more exploring than the old Spokespeople ever would, so I get a much better lay of the land when I am accompanying her!

OH! And I have unbelievably EXCELLENT, EXCITING news!!!... I am GOING TO ALASKA to visit MY SISTER in February! I will be staying with her an entire week! I was GOING to wait and come in July, but my sister explained that it is really much NICER in FEBRUARY. I thought it was 50 degrees below zero and dark round the clock in Nome in February, but Gabs assures me I am totally mistaken. She said February in Nome is balmy and bright. She says we'll lounge together on the beach and ride the waves and roll in the lush grass.... And she tells me all those tales of viscous roving packs of sled dogs is utter nonsense. She says the sled dogs are quite polite and ever so gentle when meeting strange, lone, stragglers such as myself. Ahhh...sounds like MY kind of vacation! I am so lucky my sister invited me up there!!! I can't wait for February!!!