Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Gabby said...

Dearest NEVER-writing-sister......in your picture you look so FAT! Good grief you have totally porked out.......it is about making healthy choices Ransom......not sitting around in a lush green yard doing a whole lot of NOTHING. By your most recent photo you OBVIOUSLY do need to add more fiber to your diet and you need to play ring around the rosey or something of that nature with your room mates or something to get some of that weight off!
The ONLY reason you were even concerned of my whereabouts was you THOUGHT you might inherit my toys and well as get a free trip to Alaska as for your "care taker" if you want to call her that.....MIGHT have to bring you along for funeral purposes....get over it! I see you got the post card I sent you of myself on top of a mountain.....while you sit fat as ever in green grass. I have to make a living Ransom.....I got a side job of herding reindeer that my owner did NOT know about....and here YOU go and plaster it on your blog.....I WAS NOT LOST BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION! And I was NOT found on the "hwy" there is no highway in this rough and tough place...it was a one way gravel rocky road "they" call it the "Nome Teller Hwy" but is it NOT an actually hwy (your small mind probably can't comprehend things like that) and I was on my way back home when I was found....it was SOOOO embarrassing! Pretty much all of Nome was out here.....it was humiliating......the reindeer were laughing at me and because now they will not listen I was fired. I have NEVER been fired before in my life! The good news is I have made a GREAT friend in my new little buddy....I call him "Little Kitty" I hear you don't like him....just because of that he is my new best friend. Be careful what you say around him......things get back to me and I don't like it..........I am watching your every move porky city slicker.

Get some of that weight off,

Gabby "The Great"

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Have I pawed how great it is to have woo bakhk yet?


Too bad - it has to be repeated!


Ransom said...

Thank you sweet Khyra!

(I am IGNORING my horrid sister!)