Monday, November 16, 2009

Been Awfully Busy

I haven't had much time for posting lately...way too busy studying tracking and other skills needed by a Search and Rescue dog. I spend several hours every day tracking now--in the light, in the dark, in sunny weather, in pouring rain (and soon, in Artic snow, as well, up in Nome, Alaska)!

I LOVE tracking! It is the one activity I get to LEAD the Spokeswoman in. I am totally the boss when it comes to tracking. There have been a few times lately when my Spokeswoman is dead certain the trail is one way when I KNEW it was actually another direction. She tried standing her ground and I just about yanked her right off her feet dragging her the CORRECT way! I was totally delighted when she finally realized she was wrong and I was right! I love it when the Spokeswoman has to eat crow!

I have always been a natural born air-scenter...but, these past couple of months I have discovered I am also an excellent ground tracker (read that and weep, Gabby, oh snooty sister of mine!). (Gabby was always rubbing in my face her exceptional tracking abilities...well, I have caught up to her and, combining my newly honed tracking skills with my natural born air scenting ability, I have PASSED her up! Eat my dust, Gabby!)

The Spokeswoman works with me every day, but I regularly receive professional training from a cop-dog trainer named Richard. I like Richard a lot. He has great ideas. Right off the bat, he insisted that I had to be a house-dog. He dictated and the Spokeswoman complied, instantly. I go weeks at a time now without ever stepping foot into the backyard. I never thought I would say this, but I have found myself actually missing the Psycho Border Collie and the Goofy Newfie...once,anyway... for about 6 seconds! It is pretty neat hanging out with the Ninjas all the time...going nearly everywhere the Spokeswoman goes. Part of my training is learning to LOVE strangers and seek them out, so, we go out and meet and greet as many people as possible. Our Walmart even lets me go shopping with the Spokeswoman, since I am training for SAR. I have been told that most likely, most of the cases I will be called upon to assist with, will be in locating elderly people who have become disoriented and wandered off, so I am going to be spending a lot of time visiting in a nearby nursing home to become extremely familiar with the scents and mannerisms of older folks. I am very accustomed to little people, but not so much with older people...but, that is changing!

Each evening, the Spokeswoman calls me up into her lap while she veg's in front of the TV. I shouldn't admit, this, but, I guess I do enjoy curling up in her lap...but the BEST is when I get to curl up in the Oldest Ninja's lap (on those rare times when the Spokeswoman will SHARE me). Last night, the Oldest Ninja fell asleep with me snuggled up in her lap....totally sweet!


Inka en Andre said...


Wow.......beautiful dog.
Very nice.

Gr Inka and André.

bbes tribe said...

Hello, Glad to see you back. Thanks for filling us in on all the training you have been doing. You are not only beautiful but very SMART. That is so good you will be helping others.
Good Job!!
Ernie & Sasha

Wild Dingo said...

Right on Ransom! We're starting our search class this weekend. I doubt it will be as good as yours but at least it's something!
sniff ya later!
wild dingo

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Who are woo again?

Oh wait, I rekhall now!

Woo are one furry busy and talented pup!


Clive said...


Great to see a post from you and to hear how well your training is going. It sounds brillant fun and such an important job to be learning. We are very impressed. Keep up the good work.

take care
Clive and all the gang

The OP Pack said...

Good to hear from you, Ransom. And congrats on the great sniffing success. We are curious as to why you have to be an indoor dog now - we love being indoor pups, but we are curious.

Woos, the OP Pack

achieve1dream said...

So exciting!!!! I bet you are a great tracker because you're soooo smart. :)


Stella said...

Hey Ransom! I can see you doing heroic things one day and will look forward to more of your tales out of school!

Good luck to you and I think I know why you have to be a house dog!


Ransom said...

It's so wonderful to hear from you all! I always get a smile out of the comment section!!! (Sometimes you guys are really humorous in the comments left...other times friendly and encouraging...occasionally obnoxious--but, then I guess I have that coming! Often I have wanted to reply to the comments left, but then don't have enough computer time to do so--still very limited in my access to the computer due to the Spokeswoman's computer having to be trashed a long time back...and we all know how POSSESSIVE the Oldest Ninja is of HER microscopic, there you go!)

In answer to your question, OP Pack, I really don't think I needed to be a housedog....but the professional trainer did not want me to have unsupervised access to squirrels and other rodents...something about an obsession with chasing squirrels and hunting other small rodents being very detrimental to my future as a USEFUL Search and Rescue Dog. The trainer also thought that the Spokeswoman needed me inside so that I would be bonded intensely to her and so that she would be used to reading my every nuance of communication...but, actually, I was already extremely bonded to her and she already read me like a book. I know...I have written some pretty antogonistic things about her in the past, but that is just because it makes for more colorful writing. Actually, I am very much HER dog...and didn't need to live in the house to become that. But, she thinks the trainer has a valid point on the whole squirrel thing...and she has gone to great lengths to desensitize me to cats and other small things running across my path. She says I need to learn to remain intensely focused on the search and the scent I have been given, no matter what delicious, furry little snacks try to tempt me away! So, she has deprived me of my favorite hobby--chasing the squirrels...but, I can't complain much, because I really do like to track. It is fun trying to solve the mystery of where the tracks lead. And, my favorite toy (a soft squeezy, squeaky duck) is always waiting for me at the end of every track! I LOVE finding that little squeezy duck!!!

And, I love living indoors with the PEOPLE! The Spokeswoman thought I would get bored with it quickly, but, she was wrong. I would much rather be close to the Ninjas and the Spokespeople inside the small house than running loose in the big backyard with everyone else. And, whenever the Spokeswoman leaves the house, she takes me with her nearly everywhere, except for church (though, I have to wait in the car, unless it is a place that allows all dogs or unless it is oAur local Walmart).

The Army of Four said...

Wooo, Ransom! Looking mighty snuggly there!