Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lots going on this week...

Wow! We have been so busy lately! Darcy is playing on a soccer team for the first time this year...and absolutely LOVING every moment of it. Considering that she is a lot smaller than almost everyone else on the team and that she is just learning how to play the game for the first time, it is pretty amazing that she isn't one bit intimidated about jumping into the fray and kicking it out! That child doesn't have a timid bone in her body!

She had her very first game yesterday and her second one today. I had to miss yesterday's game because I was working, but, I got to watch her in action this afternoon! Her coach says she is the best one on the team for playing defense, but, she played the forward position part of the game, too. It was a nerve-rackingly CLOSE game today. Darcy's team (The Prowlers) lost by just one goal. This photo was taken about a week ago...Violet was playing a scrimmage game of soccer with Darcy!

Last Tuesday, the kids and I took a day-trip down to Aurora, MO to visit our dear friend Laura (Lisa's sister)and her son, Tommy. We took little Violet (Lisa's puppy that we have been puppy-sitting) with us. Laura's husband has wanted to get a German Shepherd puppy their whole married life, but Laura hasn't ever wanted one. I think our visit was a pivotal that evening, Laura couldn't wait to get a German Shepherd pup for their family! Violet is a good ambassador for the breed!

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