Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long Time, No See, Brother!

Yesterday, on a whim I headed down to Republic and had lunch with my friend who has one of Ransom's litter-mates, a male named Vader. The two pups went nose to nose and recognized each other on the first sniff! They were so excited to see each other. This is the first time Ransom had seen Vader since Vader traveled to his new home about five weeks ago. The pups both have grown a LOT since then. Even though Ransom is pushing 25 pounds (age 12 weeks), her brother is a lot wider and more heavily muscled than she is (and she seems like a very muscular pup to me...she is lean and hard).

(Ransom is the pup in back that is facing forward.)

Ransom thinks Vader makes a nice chin rest...if only he would stand still!

Ransom on the attack!

Vader pushing Ransom!

Vader is on the left and Ransom (the blacker pup) is on the right.

Ransom has Vader down, but not for long! I have never HEARD so much GROWLING. They sounded horrible. If I couldn't SEE that they were only playing and loving every moment of it, I would have thought for sure both were in a fight for their very lives!

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