Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She Has a Problem...

This post copied from the Spokeswoman's blog and written by the Spokeswoman:

It's in our genes. It has mercilessly marked five successive generations. But she doesn't SHARE my genes, so, I had thought she would be safe.

I was wrong.

Today the truth slapped me in the face.

My youngest has a problem. Only four months old and already she is the white stuff.

Am I sure she is addicted?...well, let's put it this way...
the I happened to pass through the DQ drive-through to pick up my regular. As I pulled up to the window, I overheard voices from the dim, cool recesses of the DQ as one shadowy figure asked the other, "Can you pass this through to Ransom?"

How do they KNOW her NAME??? I can only assume that she has been making trips to the DQ on the sly, without me, to get those irresistible Pup Cups.

Eating it in secret...I'm pretty sure that is one of the hallmarks of an addiction...
and, here, all this time, I've thought she was just a social ice cream eater...

I can only wonder, where will the madness end?

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