Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freestyle Running

Even an awesome Mexican-Chinese shepherd like me, needs to run often to keep this magnificent physique of mine.

Knowing that the oldest Ninja in my family loves to run, too, I decided to be gracious a few days ago and allow her to run with me. MISTAKE! I will NEVER do that again!!! First off, she had the audacity to put one of those LEASHES on me. Then, if THAT wasn't bad enough, I discovered that she is totally devoid of a sense of humor. I was leaping like a gazelle, criss crossing in front of her to lead the way, and she went and got her nose out of place over it. I hadn't realized how JEALOUS she would be that I am by FAR the faster runner.

I swear, the oldest Ninja is getting to be as dull as my spokeswoman (who has utterly NO sense of humor AT ALL). The Spokeswoman is such a prude that she won't even run. She just WALKS. Totally lame! Even worse, she is such a grouch that I just have to humor her the entire way by walking right at her left side. If my nose even gets a bit in front of her left leg (because, heaven knows, she NEEDS some guidance!), she goes and jerks that leash. I tried my hardest to rehabilitate her, but I've given up. Some people are just too old and senile to learn new tricks.

Thankfully, the littlest Ninja in my family isn't yet past hope! She NEVER sticks one of those silly leashes on me and, she is so much more fun to JUMP OVER than the older Ninja. The older Ninja gets kind of crabby when I freestyle like that.


Brandie said...

Ransom..I have two puppies..well maybe they are not puppies any more but I will post a picture of them later today of Princess and Bubba :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Thanks fur khoming by my khorner!

Happy Valentine's Day!