Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Every Self-Respecting Dog Needs!

Wow! Before I EVEN get started on the topic I had planned to write about (the incredible Pedi Paws), I just have to direct all of you to about the most touching story I have ever read here at Ethiopian Adoption Journey --look for the 2/15/09 entry entitled, "I'd Like You to Meet Beulah". If that story doesn't tear at your heart, you just don't have one.

Hey, hey, hey!!! My slow-poke Spokesperson finally got her lazy self down to Springfield and picked me up one of those "Incredible Pet Nail Trimmers...the Pedi Paws" as seen on TV! You know, those nifty little hand-held thingamajiggies that sands your nails down smoothly and gently rather than cutting and cracking them? They carry them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I've been TELLING her that for MONTHS now, but she didn't want to plunk down the $20 to pay for the thing. She is so stingy sometimes.

She finally broke down and got me one, though!!! I wasn't sure if I would like it or not...especially after reading the instructions with all the long drawn out steps about how to "acclimate your dog" to the tool. THAT worried me a little. But, I don't know what all the disclaimers were for...the Pedi Paw is terrific! We didn't waste any time with all the "acclimating steps" (bro-ther!), we just went straight for the kill. I'm a no-nonsense dog, like that. Anyway, I am telling you, I LOVE that little gadget. It is so relaxing that I fell asleep while my spokesperson was gently buffing my nails to a smooth, softly rounded, newly shortened finished. It takes a little longer than just whacking them off with the clippers, but the results are so much nicer--more soft pine wood floor friendly, if you know what I mean! And, like I said, the experience is decidedly relaxing...like getting a spa manicure instead of indiscriminate toe nail clipping.

My sister, Gabby, would DEFINITELY like this! Someone ought to clue HER Spokesperson in! Heck, my brother, Vader, would probably even like it, too...if he would sit still long enough for it. Ummm, that might be a problem--he is an on-the-move kind of guy...maybe he should try mine out before investing money in his own. Besides, rumor has it his Spokesperson is on the prowl for a good back pack to weight him down on his walks and wear him out, so that is probably of a higher priority than the pedi paws. Maybe Vader's Spokesperson could have him haul a back pack load of bricks on a REALLY LONG, REALLY FAST walk and THEN proceed with sanding/buffing his nails....Hmmm....that would probably work.... Or, general anesthetic...that might do the trick, too!

(After the fact, thought: Just wanted to say, this blog is NOT commercially endorsed in any way and NEVER does any advertising AND NEVER WILL! This blog is written solely as a creative endeavor and for the pure enjoyment of blogging. Just wanted to clarify that point! I just wrote about Pedi Paws because I like it. There is nothing "in it" for me to mention that (or any other) product here on my blog.)


Adopting1Soon said...

Thanks for the shout out!

And i've been thinking about getting one of these gadgets, but wasn't sure they would work well or that Beulah or the girls would tolerate it. Hmm.... I guess I'll get one! I can't stand the torture of the clipper anymore!

Oh and Ransom, it's lucky you never met Beulah, she'd fall head over heels for you, you handsome devil.

Mini said...

Hi it's ransom rit?

I'm mini! I'm probublly like vader I just cant stay still!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Tank woo fur sharing Beulah's story...we are still leaky over it!

As for the torture device woo posted?

I prefer tugging Mom fur a walk!


Bae Bae said...

That sounds pawsome. I wonder if it'll work for hammies too

~ Bae

Suzuki said...

I saw them on tv the other day, it looks pawsome. I might have to get Mummy to buy me one :)
Big licks to you