Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Doesn't Anyone Ever Consult ME First???

Boy, things can SURE get hectic around here...especially when living with such a disorganized Spokeswoman. She just got around to telling me today--TODAY--that the littlest Ninja is going to have a sleep-over this Friday. Doesn't she KNOW how much work the security detail for such an event entails? You would THINK she would give me more than a few days notice!!!

Let's see, there will be FOUR, count them FOUR, little six and seven year old Ninjas for me to keep track of from supper time Friday night clear through breakfast late Saturday morning. Looks like I'll be pulling an all nighter, for sure. I think I'll have to recruit Rivie to help me out with this assignment...that will bring the ratio down to 2:1 which is a lot more manageable than 4:1. Spokespeople just don't understand how hard it is to keep FOUR little Ninjas in sight at all times. The bigger Ninjas aren't such a problem...but those LITTLE ones are slippery!

I don't understand why the littlest Ninja couldn't just have a REGULAR birthday party (an hour, hour and a half, tops)...what is with the "all nighter"... It's gonna be a LOT of work, that's all I can say! I wish the Spokesperson would put a little more thought into these things before approving them!


Anonymous said...

Its furry nice to meet you Ransom. Your Spokesperson should ALWAYS consult you before planning anything like this. How furry rude.
Stop by my blog sometime when you get a chance.
Gruffs from the Scruff

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I guess the good part is woo khan be there...

I mean, woo wouldn't be pawmitted in Yukhky Cheese...

Good lukhk!


Suzuki said...

I was tagged to do Honest Weblog and I chose to TAG you!
I hope you haven't done it already. Stop by my blog to get your instructions.
Big licks to you