Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hah! My Spokesperson had to pull a post off her blog today! She was edited by the Spokesguy (someone I don't have a great deal of contact with, but who clearly calls the shots inside the house). I had noticed her post before she deleted it. As usual, it was long...but, this time, it only had one photo...some guy that I think was kind of wet. She was going on and on about this apparent TV personality that she evidently wasn't very fond of. I don't know why, though. From everything I have read, he sounds okay to me. Being impressed with yourself is quite healthy. And being blind to your own inconsistencies is just exercising good sense, if you ask me!

I guess the whole topic came up after the oldest little Ninja ran into this celebrity yesterday evening over at McDonald's. Have I mentioned before that they have excellent hamburgers there? But, they aren't as generous as Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen always gives me my ice cream free, but McD's makes my Spokesperson pay for my hamburgers.

I didn't pay much attention to what she wrote. I never do! But, then, after it got CENSORED, I wished I had read it more closely. I found the last paragraph of it in her draft folder, but, alas, all the rest of it has been erased from cyberspace. This is all that remains of it:

When I am watching the show, I find myself just wanting to spit nails every time he opens his mouth. He just makes my head want to explode. But, as I am sitting here this morning, writing this all out, I have found to my surprise, that I also feel genuine pity for him. Sympathy is not something I ever felt for him until after Darcy's excited call to me last night. I can't get the picture out of my head of him standing on the curb in front of McDonald's, all alone, eating his hamburger as the cars pass adoring friend to sit down with...just a guy who needs to stand where he can be seen by all as he eats his hamburger and awaits recognition.

I'm thinking I wouldn't mind standing on the curb eating a hamburger while the cars pass by... Whoever he is, he is clearly a very intelligent man!


Suzuki said...

Ransom! I thought you had disappeared! You have been furry quiet lately. Did you see my post yesterday? As it was thursday, I stole the computer from pudge guts and got to type all I wanted :)
It's a pity your Spokesperson got censored, that sounds like an interesting story.

Ransom said...

Good to hear from you Tahlia! Pity, nothing!...I'm glad she got censored! I love it when she gets put back in her place!

I've been distracted from the internet lately...first it was with the snow then it was with SPRING! It seems like we went directly from glorious snow to glorious SEVENTY degree weather this week! I've been pretty busy outside and haven't had much lounging around time inside to pursue these more cerebral activities!

Joey said...

Hi Ransom! Someone was eating hamburgers out by the curb? Maybe he was waiting for a little German Shepherd or a hungry Golden Retriever to walk by!

See ya!
Joey and Zeke

Adopting1Soon said...

Simon Cowell? Ok, who was it!

The Army of Four said...

It was over 80 here yesterday - can you believe that!?!?
So.... we've got to know who this celeb was. More importantly if there's a chance he'd be standing outside a McD's here in Kansas, with a burger. There are four of us; we should be able to wrestle it away from him.
Play bows,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

We mustn't get out enough -

We have no idea!


Ransom said...

Hey, I think you all have the right idea there...wrestling the burger from the guy!!!

Here's all I know about him:
He's on the current season of Survivor.
Jeff Probst has written several times now that this fellow is the most arrogant contestant they have ever had.
The Ninjas saw him day before yesterday eating his hamburger on the curb outside of McDonald's. And, this afternoon they saw him at the HAIR SALON. (Now, my Spokesperson told me that sharing that he was seen at the HAIR SALON is the BIGGEST give away of all.) I have no idea though...she won't tell me his name...though she did mention he used to be our university's soccer coach--until the first episode of Survivor aired and he was quickly relieved of the position he had held here these past five years....

Adopting1Soon said...

I think my dad would do a great job blogging, but the topics would probably veer sharply from adoption, dogs and pop culture to politics, the benefits of exercise, and international relations! Which I'm not sure a dog of your sature would be interested in, tis true.

Gabby Pachis Susunaga said...

Hey Rans....I am so sorry I have not written you in so very long..I am LOVING Vader's place and think it would be to my benifit to stay with him a while longer...come see me whenever you can...I miss you.

DogzRock! said...

You are a gorgeous dog and I would love it if we could follow each others blogs.
Love Travis xx!!!

Lisa said...

Rans...when can you come visit??