Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sneaky Surveillance Cameras

Okay, my entire covert operation was blown! A few mornings ago, I slipped out of the doghouse at the crack of dawn, after making sure Rivie and Gloria were still obliviously sleeping the morning away. Of course I knew the Ninjas and the Spokespeople would be asleep (they never rise before 6 am). I needed to check out the odd platform in the backyard. It has been there since the Ninjas brought me home last August. They don't seem to know what it is, or even care for that matter. As to the other dogs, Rivie just thinks it's her personal sunning platform and Gloria never comes out of the doghouse long enough to notice that it is even there. But, I am much more astute than any of them!!! I not only knew this "platform" needed further exploration, but I also realized that this would have to be a SOLO operation. (The Spokespeople get all bent out of shape over the littlest things and I didn't want to get the Ninjas involved until I had checked it out myself, first.)

So, a few mornings ago, I chewed on the lid until I was able to pry it off! Nearly broke my teeth off--took HOURS! Then, utilizing the small opening the shifting of the lid exposed, I was able to work my head down into the mysterious recesses...and guess what I found? An entire treasure trove!!! All kinds of wonderful things buried in sand! I was in the process of prying a few of the closest items out when the Spokesperson comes running out of the house, in her PJs, squawking like a wet banchee. Like I said, no sense of humor or adventure. She gathered all the treasures up and shoved them back down into the platform and drug the cover over it again. I was just in shock. How could she have known? I was exercising all my stealth Ninja skills...hadn't even awakened the other two dogs. Baffling. Until I discovered the answer...SNEAKY SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS! I am more than a little perturbed here. I mean, the AUDACITY of installing security cameras without first NOTIFYING the HEAD OF SECURITY (namely ME)! This is really getting out of hand. My spokesperson needs some serious redirecting...


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...



Woo were on Khandid Khamera?


The Army of Four said...

The NERVE! They should have asked your permission first!
Play bows,

Marvin said...

Hello Ransom!

You are truly stunning!

I loved this post too, I hope your teeth are ok though!??

Thank you for calling by my blog, I hope we can be friends. You are my kinda dog!!

lotsaluv from Marvin in Scotland xxxxx

Adopting1Soon said...

OMG, hilarious! I really needed this today, thanks!

Bae Bae said...

Oh dear. You have no privacy at all....

~ Bae