Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life is grand! I was on duty away from home the entire day yesterday with the Spokespeople and the three Ninjas. There were LONG car rides (traveling in a caravan with two other vehicles) and a day of lounging on a lawn blanket listening to the Spokesguy's new band (bluegrass, of course)! My favorite part is that whenever the Oldest Ninja wants to get out on her own to explore and mingle in the crowd, the Spokeswoman always insists she takes me with her. The Spokeswoman is not nearly as trusting as the Oldest Ninja and she says she isn't comfortable with the Oldest Ninja being out of sight unless I am there with her! I love being on guard duty with the Oldest Ninja! She does a LOT more exploring than the old Spokespeople ever would, so I get a much better lay of the land when I am accompanying her!

OH! And I have unbelievably EXCELLENT, EXCITING news!!!... I am GOING TO ALASKA to visit MY SISTER in February! I will be staying with her an entire week! I was GOING to wait and come in July, but my sister explained that it is really much NICER in FEBRUARY. I thought it was 50 degrees below zero and dark round the clock in Nome in February, but Gabs assures me I am totally mistaken. She said February in Nome is balmy and bright. She says we'll lounge together on the beach and ride the waves and roll in the lush grass.... And she tells me all those tales of viscous roving packs of sled dogs is utter nonsense. She says the sled dogs are quite polite and ever so gentle when meeting strange, lone, stragglers such as myself. Ahhh...sounds like MY kind of vacation! I am so lucky my sister invited me up there!!! I can't wait for February!!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh yes!

FebWOOary is the height of the tourist season there fur all those reasons!

I'm glad woo got to do some bodyguard work!


Stella said...

Hello Ransom!

You are looking handsome, as usual. I am so happy for you to get a trip to Alaska to visit your sister and her family.

But who will take care of the Ninjas while you are away? Can you trust their parents to do it?


Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

How exciting! I hope you have lots and lots of fun. :)

Sled Dog Action Coalition said...

Most sled dogs aren't friendly. That's because they spend lives chained when they aren't hauling people around. Chaining makes dogs aggressive. It's also cruel. Chained dogs have been attacked by wolves, bears and other animals. Old and arthritic dogs suffer terrible pain in the blistering cold. Dogs are social animals and continuously chaining them is massive psychological cruelty. For more facts:

Margery Glickman
Sled Dog Action Coalition,

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Woooos! I would not trust your sister about the balmy weather up therein February, but... you will see. I am sure it will be fun anyway.
Great job protecting the little ninjas!

-Kira The BeaWootiful

Wild Dingo said...

Woo! I've never met a vicious sled dog ever! They're always playful AND polite.

And it's so good you're doing your guard work. it's what shepherds do best!

Queen B said...

hi ransom! You are a handsome looking dog! Mind if I follow your adventures?