Friday, October 22, 2010

Earned My First Leg Towards Obedience CD Title
and My First Leg Towards Rally RN Title!

Here I am in the back of the car just after finishing my first grueling day of showing!  I am headed back for another show tomorrow morning!  Sure wish I could find a decent handler to pair up with me before then!  Oh well.  I'll keep dragging the dead weight of the Spokeswoman if I have to!  

Well, today I competed in a dog show for the first time ever! I, of course did exceptionally well, I only wish the same could be said of my handler! The bossy Spokeswoman insisted SHE get to be the one to "handle" me in the ring...BIG mistake! She didn't have a CLUE what SHE was suppose to do. It is so DIFFICULT getting a decent score when one is handicapped with an incompetent handler...but, I managed to pull her through!

I entered Obedience Novice B and Rally Novice B. Even though I have never set foot in a ring, myself, I had to compete with experienced dogs because (incredible as it seems!) my Spokeswoman actually handled a dog that earned an Obedience title (23 years ago). The only thing I can figure is that dog must have been smart enough to make up for her ineptness. At any rate, because SHE had "put" a title on a dog (albeit 23 years ago), I had to enter "B" level instead of "A" level. Which, really, is quite unfair, if you ask ME! None-the-less, I arose to the occasion and made qualifying scores in BOTH events. I took fifth in Obedience and fourth in Rally. I'm sure I could have handily captured FIRST in both had I had a decent handler! Oh well...guess I am stuck with the Spokeswoman I have!

(I suppose my ever-jealous-sister will have some sarcastic remark to make! I would just like to point out in advance that SHE does not possess the SKILLS necessary to excel in either the Obedience Ring nor the Rally Ring. SHE still can't even COME when her Spokesperson calls her! I suppose, though, that she really can't help it that she is such a slow learner. She just got shortchanged when the genes were distributed in our litter!)


Samantha said...

Hey Ransom! I can relate big-time heheh! Can't believe you had to go in Novice B - ouch! My "handler/Mom" is a total rookie and we've had to learn together. Two years ago, I got my CGC, then a year later, finally nabbed my CD (last March). Next goal? I wanted to be able to enter a show called Del Valle (actually This weekend) for my first Open A trial. I've been working and working with Ma ever since last March on this and we entered the ring this morning. I could tell Ma was pretty nervous. But I kept my cool and got through all those things you have to do including after... the out of sight sits and downs. As a rescue dog with abandonment issues... tough. But I qualified in the first group. There was one qualifier in the second and amazingly (to Mom at least...) we won the class. Mom is still shaking. We have another day in Open A tomorrow. I'll be following your progress, cause I can tell that you are a great doggeh! Congrats on your CD qualification leg today - totally pawesome! Cheers!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm sure woo khan work around the handler issue!


Stella said...

Uh, Ransom! You seem just a tiny bit critical of your present handler AND your sister. Maybe if you gave your handler just a few more helpful comments that might help her improve.

Just sayin', Ransom